The European Organization for Nuclear Research (known as “CERN”) hopes to give answers about our physical existence, using the largest experiment in history.

On September 10 – 2008, CERN released LHC (Large Hadron Collider), which is the world’s largest and powerful particle collider ever built, that gives the most complex experimental facility. Located at 100 meters under the ground, on an area of 27 kilometers, the cost of LHC reached at least $9 billion and the team working around this project count about 5.000 physicists around the world, plus the participation of 20 countries.

The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)
The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)

This whole adventure was initiated due to fierce search of the basic particle of the universe, suggestively called “God particle” by scientists.

British professor Peter Higgs has predicted that Hadron Collider will allow detection of “Higgs Boson ” (a particle which provide mass for other particles) which is an elementary particle physicists regarded as “keystone” in the fundamental structure of matter.

Higgs believes that everything is possible and the whole human knowledge about the universe and its intimate nature will be radically changed after this research, considering the fact that “Higgs Boson” would be the answer given by physics to explain the existence of gravity, mass and matter. This link between energy and matter could be the cause of an energy field, imagined as a cobweb whose waves would represent the matter.

CERN - Hadron Collider/Geneva, Switzerland
CERN - Hadron Collider/Geneva, Switzerland

The project wants to shed light regarding the birth of the universe in a gigantic primary explosion, therefore, in this process, subatomic particles will collide at speeds comparable to the speed of light, to create similar conditions to the fraction of a second following the Big Bang explosion.

On the other hand, some supporters of conspiracy theories believe that the particle accelerator in Geneva has produced powerful earthquakes around the world:

  • the mega-earthquake of 8.8 degrees on Richter scale – 2010 (Chile);
  • the earthquake that made thousands of victims in April 2015 (Nepal);
  • the earthquake of 7.3 on the Richter scale in  Vanuatu/Pacific, which almost caused a tsunami – (April 29, 2016);
  • three earthquakes in Italy – August 2016 (6.2 Richter degrees), October 2016 (7.1 Richter degrees), November 2016 (7.6 Richter degrees).

Why? Because the accelerator has the power to affect Earth’s magnetic field; and this magnetic field, according to some specialists, can influence the occurrence of the earthquake.

There are also opinions supporting the theory of massive black holes produced by the experiment (which would endanger the existence of mankind), or even cause the apocalypse.

The big question is: will LHC give birth to a new world or will bring the end to this one?

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